Sarah Palin

The Absurdity of Sending Palin’s E-mails Via Snail-Mail

The amount of money the state of Alaska and news organizations are spending on the Sarah Palin e-mails — copying costs, shipping costs (or flight costs), man-hour costs, and opportunity costs — should inspire some skull-clutching. It’s all the more extravagant considering how much of the content has been redacted, how old the e-mails …


Below is the Friday cover of New Hampshire’s largest paper, the Union Leader. For the story on Mitt Romney’s official announcement that he’s running for President, you have to turn to page A3.

Blood Libel or No, The Political Climate Is Still Poisonous

Sarah Palin, once again, demonstrated her ability to rile both the left and right by uttering a few words from the last frontier. Now the ideological tribes will retreat to their clubhouses–Fox News, MSNBC, the political blogs–to stir themselves to outrage debating whether “blood libel,” a term historically reserved for a particularly …

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