Obama and Clinton Top ‘Most Admired’ List Again

George W. Bush tied with Pope Francis

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President Barack Obama is the most admired man in America for the sixth year in a row, and Hillary Clinton is the country’s most admired woman, according to a survey out Monday.

Each year Gallup asks Americans to name the living man and woman they most admire. In 2013, 16% named Obama, a strong showing but down significantly from the 30% he drew in 2012. Former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis each earned 4%, while Bill Clinton and Billy Graham got 2% each.

Hillary Clinton earned the designation of most admired woman for the 18th time, more than any woman in Gallup’s history. The 15% she earned in 2013 is down from 21% last year. Behind Clinton are Oprah Winfrey with 6%, and Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin with 5% each.