Morning Must Reads: January 28

In the news: Obama to give 2014 State of the Union; congressional negotiators reach an agreement on a farm bill; House Republican leadership will call for a path to legal status for illegal immigrants; Obama to raise minimum wage …

Morning Must Reads: January 27

In the news: the 2014 State of the Union; America’s Afghanistan exit may hurt its drone mission; Turkey reacts to emerging market slide; House GOP set to push immigration reform; Britain’s Conservatives push minimum wage hike; and …

Morning Must Reads: January 24

In the news: Industries see climate change as an “economically disruptive force”; Davos debates austerity; Syrian peace talks crumble; Grimes takes on Mitch McConnell; National Journal announces the 30 most influential out Washingtonians

Morning Must Reads: January 23

In the News: U.S. accuses security check firm of fraud, Clinton foes file FEC complaint, why social mobility is still a dream, and what’s prettier in print

Morning Must Reads: January 21

In the News: Obama Facing Pressure over State of the Union Address, Report Points Fingers at Assad in Syria, Why Hillary Might not Be a 2016 Shoe-in, and Wendy Davis’ Biography

Morning Must Reads: January 17

In the news: Syrian rebels speak out on cease-fire; President Obama to reform the NSA; Senate passes appropriations bill; Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to retire; W.Va. spill site was inspected in 2010

Morning Must Reads: January 16

In the news: Obamacare, the Oscars, an Appropriations bill, a “stealth war” on abortion, a White House education summit, and what’s prettier in print

Morning Must Reads: January 15

In the news: European intelligence agencies secretly met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s delegates; the President plans NSA reforms; domestic drones; two of the largest trade bills ever envisioned; the 2014 midterms; …

Morning Must Reads: January 14

In the news: Iran sanctions, Syrian rebel infighting, an appropriations bill, new Obamacare enrollment figures, West Virginia’s water supply, unemployment insurance, and the Weather Channel

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