Morning Must Reads: January 29

In the news: the 2014 State of the Union, and the crises in Syria and Ukraine

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  • “Islamist rebels and extremist groups have seized control of most of Syria’s oil and gas resources, a rare generator of cash in the country’s war-battered economy, and are now using the proceeds to underwrite their fights against one another as well as President Bashar al-Assad…” [NYT]
  • “Ukraine’s crisis is lurching into chaos.” [Economist]
  • Obama Takes State of the Union Message on the Road [TIME]
    • Obama Vows Iran Sanctions Veto, Skips ‘March to War’ Talk [TIME]
    • Republicans Dismiss Obama’s State of the Union as More of the Same [TIME]
    • Obama Announces New myRA Retirement Accounts [WSJ]
    • “If the unthinkable happens during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz will assume the role of President of the United States.” [TIME]
    • Lawmakers as seat savers [TIME]
    • Full text of the speech, and the fact check
    • SOTU: Make it Stop [Politico]