Morning Must Reads: January 27

In the news: the 2014 State of the Union; America's Afghanistan exit may hurt its drone mission; Turkey reacts to emerging market slide; House GOP set to push immigration reform; Britain's Conservatives push minimum wage hike; and the southern American Dream

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • Barack Obama will try to outrun history at 2014 State of the Union [TIME]
  • ” The risk that President Obama may be forced to pull all American troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year has set off concerns inside the American intelligence agencies that they could lose their air bases used for drone strikes against Al Qaeda in Pakistan and for responding to a nuclear crisis in the region.” [NYT]
  • “Turkey’s central bank said it would hold an extraordinary interest-rate-setting meeting late Tuesday, jolting the lira sharply higher after yet another record-breaking slide and bringing a pause to selloffs in other struggling markets.” [WSJ]
  • House GOP sets new push to overhaul immigration [WSJ]
  • Military brass, behaving badly: Files detail a spate of misconduct dogging armed forces [WashPost]
  • Why is the American Dream dead in the South? [Atlantic]
  • De Blasio vs. Cuomo: The Next Round [NY Mag]
  • The minimum wage is set to rise in Britain. And Conservatives are all for it. [WashPost]