Joe’s Road Trip 2012

2012 Road Trip, Day 4: The End of the Rainbow

Fredericksburg, Va.

You see some amazing things on the road, even on the Interstate. Yesterday, photographer Andrew Hinderaker and I were driving along I-64, from Charlottesville to Richmond. There was sun behind us and a …

Road Music: the Day 4 Playlist

1. “The Poet Game” by Greg Brown (sung by Ani DiFranco)–Greg Brown is about as brilliant an American songwriter as we have, but I didn’t know that–sorry Greg–until I heard his songs sung by other people, especially the women compiled on Going Driftless, an absolutely transcendent album of Greg Brown covers. He’s also married, last I …

Road Trip 2012, Day 3/4: Some Good Candidates

Virginia Beach, Va.

Well, I have a lot of writing to catch up on after the weekend. There will be (at least) three separate posts. One about several meetings I’ve had with Democrats in North Carolina and Virginia–after six months of hanging out with Republicans during the primaries, I figured it was time to listen to some Dems. …

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