Joe’s Road Trip 2012

2012 Road Trip: This Week’s Print Column

Columbus, Ohio

In this week’s print column I take a look at the common question among Democratic audiences–“Why don’t the middle and working classes vote their economic self-interest?”–from the perspective of the working poor and unemployed living in Southeastern Ohio.

Road Trip 2012, Day 12: Partisans

Brook Park, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio

I spent yesterday with two groups of partisans—union workers in Cleveland who met with Democratic Congresswoman Betty Sutton. And later, I met with college-age Romney volunteers at the campaign’s Ohio headquarters in Columbus. TIME’s Jacob Templin provided the video:

Krauthammer and Reagan

Columbus, Ohio

A break from the road trip for one small quibble with Charles Krauthammer: he has now completely abandoned any intellectual integrity he may have had and joined the cult of Reagan mythmaking. Reagan did some fine things as president, like challenging and then negotiating with the “Evil Empire.” But he did not govern as …

2012 Road Trip, Day 9: Playlist

1. “Hurtin’ Me, Hurtin’ You”–Steve Earle

2. “Sylvia Plath”–Ryan Adams

3. “Dance Yrself Clean”–LCD Soundsystem

4. “Two-Faced Love”–Del McCoury (a great cover of the Richard Thompson song)

5. “Plenty Good Lovin'”–Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave, one of the great soul voices)

2012 Road Trip Day 9: A Gentle Man

Elizabeth, Pa.

Jim Davidson has followed a curious career arc, from cab driver to journalist to Presbyterian minister. Before that, he went to Harvard on a full scholarship and graduated in 1969. He’s the son of a Cleveland …

2012 Road Trip, Day 7: Playlist

On the drive through Pennsylvania–

1. “Why Must We Die?”–The McGarrigle Sisters

2. “Making Flippy Floppy”–Talking Heads

3. “Walk Like A Man”–Bruce Springsteen

4. “Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”–Bob Dylan

5. “Moons of Jupiter”–Sonia Dada

2012 Road Trip, Day 7: Courage in the Red Zone

Red Lion, Pa.

I met Marlene Miller-Dyke in 1984. She was teaching health and coaching the girl’s swim team at Red Lion High School in south central Pennsylvania. James Carville once said that politically the state of …

Road Trip Day 6: A Few Political Notes

Philadelphia, Pa

I am absolved of having to be a TV news junkie on the road. I don’t even have much time, sadly, for the morning papers…and I’m feeling the need for my daily Andrew Sullivan and Ezra Klein blogosphere fixes. But some things do get through. Apparently, they had an election in Wisconsin last night. And the …

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