Joe's Road Trip 2012

2012 Road Trip, Day 4: The End of the Rainbow

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Andrew Hinderaker for TIME

Fredericksburg, Va.

You see some amazing things on the road, even on the Interstate. Yesterday, photographer Andrew Hinderaker and I were driving along I-64, from Charlottesville to Richmond. There was sun behind us and a thunderstorm ahead. My immediate thought was: Rainbow alert! And there it was, arching ahead of us–but then I noticed that it was not only ahead of us, but seemed to be beside us as well, ending, somehow, in the pavement of the right hand lane as we drove along. It was the first time I’d ever seen the end of a rainbow. Andrew saw it, too, and snapped this eerie photo.

I’d love for some reader who understands prismatic effects to explain how on earth this happened.