Joe's Road Trip 2012

Campaign Road Trip 2012: Announcing Another Cross-Country Tour!

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The campaign is in a lull. The wars overseas are winding down. Washington is paralyzed. I’ve loaded up my iPod with some new songs. There’s nothing to do but….hit the road! And so, my third annual election road trip will commence on May 31–for three weeks through presidential battleground states, from North Carolina to, well, as always YOU get to decide the details of my route. I’m thinking about this trip in three segments:

  • North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia–for about a week.
  • Pennsylvania, Ohio–for the second week
  • Michigan, Indiana, maybe Kentucky, Illinois, maybe Wisconsin–a little hazy about how it’ll end and that’s where you come in.

As in years past, I’d love to meet and talk politics with TIME readers and others. If you want to put together a group of neighbors or co-workers to meet with me, or if you want to show me your business or public service program, or if you just want to tell me your story–or introduce me to a person you really respect and admire, please contact me at:

Or you can contact the notorious trip wrangler:

If Katy can make it work, I’ll be there.

I’m open to anything: brats, barbeque, baseball, flea markets or just a cup of coffee. As in the past, I’ll be bringing along some interesting traveling companions to keep me company. But my best traveling companions will be you. When was the last time a pontificating punditory prefect of the mainstream media asked you for your opinions? So put up or shut up…No kidding: I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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