Our Pakistani Allies Cont.

From the start, my worst fear has been that there would be a “colonels’ coup” in the Pakistani military, in which Islamist junior officers ousted their more pro-western superiors. That scenario seems closer than ever today, as the Times reports that Army chief Ashfaq Kayani is on shaky ground–because the U.S. was able to stage the Osama …

Parties Divided on Admonishing Pakistan

How do you react when you suspect a friend has been aiding your worst enemy? If you’re Rep. Ted Poe, you demand they prove their loyalty. “Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do. It seems unimaginable that Osama bin Laden was …

In Abbottabad

Omar Waraich explores bin Laden’s last haunt:

The home where Bin Laden had been hiding since at least last summer is located in the Bilal Town neighborhood of Abbottabad. It is less than a kilometer away from Pakistan’s Military Academy at Kakul — the country’s equivalent of West Point Academy. “It’s a respectable middle class area,”

Is Pakistan Our Ally?

The sheer volume of news these past few weeks has been overwhelming–and, as Michael Crowley reports below and Bab Baer writes here–the situation in Pakistan, which I believe is the most dangerous in the world, has been deteriorating notably. The latest developments seem straight out of a spy novel. (In fact, David Ignatius’s …


There is all sorts of premature and overripe commentary about Libya bouncing around the internet (and in print, and on tv). There is talk, but no evidence, of a long war. There is talk, but no evidence, of an ill-defined mission. For all we know, the bombardment of Libya could be over by Wednesday, with the allies settling into a n0-fly …

Morning Must Reads: Pledge

President Obama speaks during the Millennium Development Goals Summit at the U.N. headquarters in New York September 22, 2010. (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)

–As Alex notes, House Republicans have unveiled their new governing platform a la 1994’s Contract With America. Chris Good pulls out some bullet-points. Marc Ambinder thinks it …

Morning Must Reads: Going Big

–There are primaries in Michigan, Kansas and Missouri today. Among the marquee contests are Republican Reps. Todd Tihart and Jerry Moran clawing it out for a good shot at Sam Brownback’s Kansas Senate seat, GOP congressman Roy Blunt trying to fend off Tea Party-fueled challenger Chuck Purgason for Kit Bond’s open Senate seat, and of …

1,000 Words: Situation Room Edition

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden meet with members of the national security team in the Situation Room of the White House, July 29, 2010, to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Morning Must Reads: WikiLeaks

–The emerging consensus on the Wikileaks documents seems to be that while they include few shocking revelations, they paint a picture of a faltering mission in Afghanistan that will likely feed growing unease about the sustainability of the American effort there. John Kerry released the following statement as chairman of the Senate …

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