Well Done

It is early days yet in the investigation of the Times Square bombing, but not too early to be impressed by the quick and excellent work done by the FBI, NYPD and the Joint Terrorism Task Force in picking up the prime suspect, Faisal Shahzad, from a flight to Dubai last night. We in the media were quick to jump all over the federal …

New Arrests In Pakistan: Another Homegrown Threat?

TIME’s Bobby Ghosh files this report:

AP is reporting that Pakistani authorities in the northeastern city of Sarghoda have detained five U.S. nationals. Three of the men are of Pakistani origin, one is of Egyptian descent and the fifth man is of Yemeni descent. All are aged between 18 and 20, according to local authorities.

It is …

Our Pakistani Allies

Let me get this straight: the U.S. Congress has voted to send an historic $7.5 billion in economic and humanitarian aid, over five years, to Pakistan–and the Pakistani is complaining? Yes, yes, I know there are sensitivities, but the strings attached don’t seem all that onerous: that the civilian government remain in charge of the …

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