Morning Must Reads: Then and Now

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White House

–Democrats decide they really want to run against the Tea Party this year.

–A useful rundown of what made it into their energy bill. (Some assembly required, renewable energy standard not included.)

–Surface oil on the Gulf is dissipating quickly.

–A fascinating chart on the state of Afghanistan, then and now.

–David Ignatius writes the war effort is still all about Pakistan.

–Economists Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi have a paper out arguing the TARP, bank stress tests, Fed lending and Obama stimulus saved the U.S. from a depression. Polling suggests the American people do not see it that way and it may well be the central political challenge of the Obama presidency to convince them.

–Dan Balz listens to Tim Pawlenty and predicts thematic homogeneity in the next presidential primary:

If anything, he demonstrated the degree to which Republicans have unified around a message of opposition to the Obama agenda and that deviation from that line will not be welcomed in the 2012 sweepstakes.

–The White House’s new media operation isĀ  firing on all cylinders. They’re running 10+ blogs, there’s a new daily newsletter, a weekly recap video, and they’ve begun dabbling in explainers. Here’s the president giving a virtual tour of

[vodpod id=Video.4114760&w=425&h=350&]

–And the NRCC looks to resurrect ticklish ethics nightmare Eric Massa.

What did I miss?

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