Morning Must Reads: Going Big

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White House

–There are primaries in Michigan, Kansas and Missouri today. Among the marquee contests are Republican Reps. Todd Tihart and Jerry Moran clawing it out for a good shot at Sam Brownback’s Kansas Senate seat, GOP congressman Roy Blunt trying to fend off Tea Party-fueled challenger Chuck Purgason for Kit Bond’s open Senate seat, and of course some good House races that Katy discussed yesterday.

–Missouri will also be holding a largely symbolic referendum on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare).

–Marc Ambinder writes the Andrew Romanoff surge is nothing new.

–His opponent, Michael Bennet, is loaning himself some dough for the final stretch.

–Tim Geithner continues his tour selling the administration’s position on the Bush tax cuts, but isn’t floating a veto.

–He’s trying to bear good tidings on the economy.

–Robert Reich argues Obama didn’t go big enough.

–The EPA won’t be regulating carbon emissions without a legal fight.

–Flooding devastates Pakistan.

–Iraq’s stability may be tenuous.

–California’s gubernatorial race in sharp relief: Meg Whitman’s campaign has spent $99.7 million to date. Jerry Brown’s has spent $633k.

–Kendrick Meek introduces himself to Florida voters.

–And is Mr. Burns running for governor?

What did I miss?

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