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Morning Must Reads: “Fiery”

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–President Obama is on the road again Wednesday, trying to carry health reform over the finish line. The consensus on Monday’s outing: “fiery.” Expect more of the same today in St. Louis, plus plenty of knocks on health insurers, the administration’s favorite foil.

–Speaking of which, HHS Secretary …

Morning Must Reads

–Charlie Rangel, embroiled in an ethics investigation, temporarily relinquished the powerful Ways and Means chairmanship this morning. As far as replacements go, Democrats have pretty slim pickings on the committee. Pete Stark or Sandy Levin may take the baton for now.

–President Obama will announce “the way forward” on health care …

Morning Must Reads

–Texas holds its primaries today, and most national attention is directed at the Republican gubernatorial contest. Current Governor Rick Perry is expected to come away with a win after having successfully defined his opponent, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, as too Washington for the Lonestar crowd. The real question is whether he can …

Aloha Neil Abercrombie

There’s a legend in Hawaii about a surfer named Eddie Aikau. In the 70’s Eddie was the top lifeguard in Waimea Bay on Oahu, winning dozens of surf competitions. He was always the guy willing to risk his life, no matter how rough the water, to make a save. Eddie volunteered for the 1978 Polynesian Voyaging Society’s 30-day, …

Morning Must Reads

–Paterson’s friends are leaning on him to abandon his campaign, while the never subtle Post and Daily News trumpet “Time To Go.”

–As Michael mentioned, Charlie Rangel is being officially admonished by the House for an ethics violation stemming from a failure to disclose financial details of some Caribbean trips. The Times has the

Morning Must Reads

Hey Swamplanders. As Karen mentioned, I’m going to be chipping in around here. One of the things I plan on doing is a daily “Morning Must Reads” post to share a few things that we’re currently following. Here is its maiden voyage:

–Consistent with the tenor of past health reform negotiations, Republican leadership and the White …

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