Steele Looks to Scare Some Donors, Actually He Already Does

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Politico got an exclusive look inside the Republican National Committee’s fundraising scheme for the rest of the year. It seems chairman Michael Steele is going to try and scare donors into giving him cash by fear-mongering about the “socialist” government President Obama will usher in without their help to oppose him. I would say this adds insult to the many injuries Steele has already wrought on the GOP (this, this, this and this, amongst other transgressions). But, honestly: does this make a difference? Republicans for months have been telling me that Steele is a tyrant on the scaffold: all the fundraising is going around him directly to candidates, the NRSC and the NRCC. Which is why the RNC is reporting such dismal fundraising numbers. The only thing GOP donors have to fear is Steele himself.