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Morning Must Reads: McChrystal

Official White House Photo

–You can read Rolling Stone‘s full piece on Stanley McChrystal here. The general and his inner circle were something beyond cavalier and insulted a lot of people, but probably the most troubling aspect to the White House is that the commander of American forces in Afghanistan brazenly impugned the …

Recall the Recall?

Politico has an interesting story about about Tea Party efforts in several states to recall politicians — when, you know, the electoral thing just isn’t working for you. Bob Menendez in New Jersey, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu and Kent Conrad of North Dakota have all been targeted.

Yes, because the $66 million recall of California …

Bill Clinton to the Rescue?

On the heels of his successful campaigning for Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, helping her return from the dead to eke out a primary victory earlier this month, Bill Clinton has become very popular. The former president has over a hundred requests from congressional candidates on his desk. He’s especially in demand in the South and …

You Betcha, Moonbeam

In his first television ad of the general election, Jerry Brown makes it clear he’s running again Sarah Palin Meg Whitman.


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