Morning Must Reads: McChrystal

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Official White House Photo

–You can read Rolling Stone‘s full piece on Stanley McChrystal here. The general and his inner circle were something beyond cavalier and insulted a lot of people, but probably the most troubling aspect to the White House is that the commander of American forces in Afghanistan brazenly impugned the president’s authority and judgment. He’s apologized, but Obama has called him to Washington to explain himself face-to-face, and it is unclear how things will shake out by the end of the week.

–There are runoffs in North Carolina, South Carolina and Mississippi today, plus a primary in Utah. Rep. Bob Inglis looks poised to be unseated in SC-04 and Nikki Haley is expected to beat Gresham Barrett for the Republican gubernatorial nod in South Carolina.

–First CBS and now ABC News is reporting the Justice Department will sue Arizona over its immigration law.

–Financial reform conference committee meetings continue today. The biggest remaining target is the Volcker Rule — specifically,  exemptions that would allow banks to invest in hedge funds or a carveout for insurance companies and other asset management organizations. Interchange fees, consumer finance protection and derivatives are also on the agenda for this week.

–White House budget director Peter Orszag is set to depart.

–And the DNC still hearts Joe Barton.

What did I miss?

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