Nancy Pelosi

Rangel’s Day in Court

Actually, it won’t quite be a court — though it could be down the road. A House ethics subcommittee has found that the erstwhile Ways & Means chairman likely violated House rules, a decision Rangel contested. So, in order to resolve the matter, an “adjudicatory subcommittee” must be convened to hear out the case. The first hearing will …

Republicans vs. Wall Street Reform

I can understand why Republicans would want to bad-mouth Barack Obama’s financial regulatory reform bill. It’s a big legislative victory for the White House and the Democrats. So if you’re a Republican, you want to undermine it–perhaps by arguing that the bill is riddled with special-interest loopholes. But supporting some kind of tough …

When Fame Becomes A Weapon

Many people, myself included, have written about why 2010 isn’t exactly like 1994. Here is another reason: people actually know who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are, and not in a good way.

Back in 1994, who knew anything about House Speaker Tom Foley or Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell? Voters certainly didn’t. But in the age …

Ethics Under Attack

When Democrats rode into power in 2006, Speaker Pelosi promised they’d quickly pass their Six for ’06 agenda and that they’d “clean out the swamp.” Part of that agenda was to create an independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), which they did to great success. Yes, some Democrats have felt the pain of this office, ahem

National Politics and State Realities at Odds

Kevin Sack has an illuminating piece in the New York Times on the conundrum that politicians – especially Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats – face while trying to balance a fiercely partisan political climate against the woes of a sagging economy. Case in point: Medicaid, one of the most expensive programs in every state in the …

Alter’s New Book

The first draft of history is always going to be controversial, especially when it’s on something as touchy as health care reform – monstrous legislation the full effects of which we will not know for years to come. So it should probably come as no surprise that Jonathan Alter’s take on Barack Obama’s first year in the White …

Quote of the Day

“New York is a tough town, but Nancy Pelosi is one tough lady. That’s one tough lady. And she’s so elegant even as she’s ripping your heart out.”

–President Obama, speaking at a DCCC fundraiser Thursday night in Manhattan.

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