Nancy Pelosi

Health Care: Hitting the Re-Set Button

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Harry Reid have now formally requested President Obama to address a joint session of Congress:

Our nation is closer than ever to achieving health insurance reform that will lower costs, retain choice, improve quality and expand coverage. We are committed to reaching this goal.

We would

Cash for Clunkers?

The House is racing to get outta Dodge this afternoon and despite rampant senioritis on the Hill, Speaker Pelosi kept enough members here long enough to pass H.R. 3435 to provide an additional $2 billion in stimulus funds to the wildly successful cash for clunkers program. The vote was bipartisan, passing 316-109 with six voting present, …

No Bailout Vote Tomorrow?

A senior Democrat House aide in a position to know tells me they are still short on GOP votes on the bailout, er, rescue plan. Unless more names of Republicans committed to switching their votes are produced by tomorrow the vote will be postponed till the weekend to give Bush and the GOP more time to convince their members to vote for …

Bailout: What Happened

Here’s what happened and the latest on the talks, or rather lack thereof. I’m starting to feel like we’re in a Royal Bank of Scotland commercial, only there’s no one who actually saves the day. And, of course, RBS’s plate is full right now.

More Hot Air

A webstory today about all the hot air in the energy debate. Also, interestingly, a scoop from Politico’s Martin Kady II and Patrick O’Connor about how Pelosi behind the scenes is encouraging her members to defect, banking on passing legislation next year. Dana Milbank has loads more color on the House protest. And here’s a little …

Pelosi On Clinton

At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast this morning Nancy Pelosi was asked about sexism in the Democratic primaries. The highest-ranking woman to ever win U.S. public office seemed a little taken aback. “Is there sexism? Probably so. Is it responsible for the defeat? I really wouldn’t have the scientific knowledge – all of the …

Pelosi Warns of “Spill Over”

A very interesting e-mail appeal from Nancy Pelosi for money.

Dear Friend,

Here’s what you and I can’t let happen. We can’t allow the tension and pressures of a spirited Presidential contest to spill over and harm hard-working Democratic candidates running to strengthen our Democratic majority in the House.

I will do whatever it takes

Pelosi for Obama?

An interesting endorsement for Obama today. Pelosi’s BFF George Miller, a fellow Californian who chairs the House Education and Labor Committee, announced today he’s endorsing Obama .

Pelosi has so far stayed out of the race. But when her top advisor who also happens to be a famous champion of women politicians endorses Obama, does it …

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