Morning Must Reads: Going Big

–There are primaries in Michigan, Kansas and Missouri today. Among the marquee contests are Republican Reps. Todd Tihart and Jerry Moran clawing it out for a good shot at Sam Brownback’s Kansas Senate seat, GOP congressman Roy Blunt trying to fend off Tea Party-fueled challenger Chuck Purgason for Kit Bond’s open Senate seat, and of …

Lame Duck or Red Herring?

I have a time.com story out today about the much-anticipated lame duck session expected this December. For all the hoopla, very little is likely to happen this lame duck. But what all this hyperbole surrounding the lame duck does do is rile up the respective bases. Democrats: Dear outraged environmental groups, worry not we pass climate …

Morning Must Reads: WikiLeaks

–The emerging consensus on the Wikileaks documents seems to be that while they include few shocking revelations, they paint a picture of a faltering mission in Afghanistan that will likely feed growing unease about the sustainability of the American effort there. John Kerry released the following statement as chairman of the Senate …

Morning Must Reads: Tough to Swallow


–Making the morning TV rounds, Shirley Sherrod stands by her account of her firing and says she received a phone call from her superiors insisting, “The White House wants you to resign.” She’s also openly asking for a conversation with the president, and I’d be shocked if she didn’t get one …

Morning Must Reads: Workaround

Reuters/Molly Riley

–Obama plans to use a recess appointment to get Donald Berwick in at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, avoiding what was sure to be a nasty confirmation fight in the Senate. In its spin, the White House makes at least two good points: CMS has been without a permanent chief since 2006 and the Harvard …

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