Morning Must Reads: Incomplete

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White House

–Obama is set to deliver a speech on winding down the mission in Iraq at the Disabled American Veterans convention today in Atlanta.

–Lindsey Graham warns of a bipartisan “unholy alliance” against the war in Afghanistan.

–John Kerry says he wouldn’t support a request for more troops. He’s sounding Ted Kennedy-esque to some.

–Marco Rubio argues for extending the Bush tax cuts without claiming they are magically deficit neutral.

–Alan Greenspan concisely dubs the current economic malaise a “pause” in a “modest recovery” that feels like a “quasi-recession.” Got that?

–The WashPost’s Dan Balz writes the ethics trials of Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters will stoke anti-Washington ire. Obama won’t be rising in their defense.

New York magazine walks up the seemingly inevitable governorship of Andrew Cuomo and profiles his complicated relationship with his father.

–Writing in the New Yorker, George Packer describes a Senate descending into stagnancy, finding little sincere deliberation in the world’s greatest deliberative body.

–An essential dispatch from the very best U.S. Senate race: Adam Smith of the St. Pete Times profiles the endlessly unusual Jeff Greene. A taste:

But behind the bio soundbites and chipper TV ads lies a man widely disparaged by current and former employees, former tenants and political consultants as a self-absorbed cheapskate. A lawsuit accuses him of being cruel and verbally abusive to his former chef. A deckhand shocked on Greene’s Summerwind yacht had to fight eight months to get his medical bills paid after Greene denied knowing him.

–Greene has just fired former John Edwards and Howard Dean political guru Joe Trippi.

–Insurgent Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff has pulled even with incumbent Michael Bennet, according to a new poll.

Meet Michael Barr, the non-Elizabeth Warren candidate to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

–With an eye on 2012, Tim Pawlenty does the whole Iowa thing.

–Obama gives himself an “incomplete.”

–And let’s just say the folks at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services know their audience:


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