Race to the Top

David Brooks makes a not-very-convincing, and somewhat confused, case against more economic stimulus in his column today. His argument, essentially, is that since the economy hasn’t boomed in the wake of Obama’s stimulus plan, the plan probably didn’t work. I’m no economist–and, as Brooks accurately points out, most economists are far …

Dire Deficit Straits

The Congressional Budget Office today released its long-term budget outlook, confirming what we already know: Something’s gotta give. The report contains projections for how spending and revenue will look over coming decades. According to their number crunching, we’ve set a course toward superlatively unfortunate ratios of …

Morning Must Reads: Byrd

Win McNamee / Getty

–Robert Byrd, the longest serving congressman in U.S. history, died at 92 early Monday:

For more than a third of its 144-year existence, the state of West Virginia was represented in the U.S. Senate by one man: Robert C. Byrd. So encompassing was Byrd’s 50 years of service in the Senate and so encyclopedic

After Orszag: Another Spreadsheet Jockey Or A Pol?

As has long been expected, Peter Orszag’s cowboy boots will not be walking the halls of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building after next month. He is stepping down, to get married and experience life as lived by those who do not spend all day every day on call. An administration official tells me that the White House has been …

Congressional ‘No’ for ‘Gitmo North’

From TIME’s Pentagon Correspondent Mark Thompson:

It seems BP’s oil well isn’t the only extended political headache for President Obama oozing in the gulf. Just before fleeing town for this week’s Memorial Day recess, the House voted against setting up a prison for Guantanamo detainees in the U.S.

The Obama Administration is seeking

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