Rick Perry

Why Social Conservatives Met With Rick Perry Last Weekend

Back in May and before Rick Perry was considering a presidential run, a group of social conservative leaders approached the Lone Star governor. “One of our people wanted to take a look at him,” says Rapid City, S.D., furniture-store owner and conservative organizer Bob Fischer. “Perry became anxious to meet with us, the conservatives …

Perry Compared Homosexuality to Alcoholism in 2008 Book

The origin of homosexuality has become something of a political litmus test for presidential candidates, almost akin to their stance on abortion. Candidates are now expected to explain whether or not they believe homosexuality is a hard-wired predisposition. It’s an important distinction, and how candidates broach the issue can really …

Rick Perry’s Complicated Relationship with Latinos

In San Antonio on June 23, Rick Perry addressed the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ annual meeting. He was optimistic, focused on Texas’ booming economy, and reminded the crowd – Republicans …

Rick Perry vs. Ben Bernanke

The first question posed by Rick Perry’s much-ballyhooed entry into the GOP presidential race was whether he would run to the center, targeting Mitt Romney and positioning himself for the general election, or whether he would stay in his Tea Party comfort-zone on the right wing. It’s an indicator of the success of Michele Bachmann’s …

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