Steven Gray

Steven Gray is a Washington Correspondent for TIME and the magazine's former Detroit bureau chief. Previously, he contributed to Fortune magazine and worked as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. He was born in New Orleans and graduated from Howard University.

Articles from Contributor

For Black Conservatism, the Right Time and the Wrong Candidate

Herman Cain’s improbable rise to the top of Republican presidential primary polls — and the prospect that two black men, including an incumbent, could compete head-on for the White House next year — should be proof that American politics has moved beyond race. Instead, Cain’s candidacy has been marred by empty self-promotion, …

Cain’s Planned Parenthood ‘Genocide’ Remark

Somewhat lost in the firestorm of sexual harassment allegations were Herman Cain’s comments on Sunday’s Face the Nation regarding abortion – chiefly, that Planned Parenthood clinics are intentionally placed in black neighborhoods to perpetrate genocide. They actually reflect a view that’s regaining traction among socially …

How the 2012 Republicans Are Faring with Latino Voters

Last weekend in Tennessee, Herman Cain boasted that as President, he’d build a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border “20-feet high, with barbed wire, and electrified.” The crowd applauded, and in an interview a day later, Cain shrugged the whole thing off as “a joke.” He might come to regret being so cavalier about immigration, …

Obama’s Message to Black Leaders: “Stop Complaining”

President Obama’s address to the Congressional Black Caucus’ annual dinner on Saturday was striking. First, there was Obama’s tone; the cadence – “a bit ‘a help,” instead of “a bit of help” – was reminiscent of a black Southern preacher, and candidate Obama of 2008. Second, he invoked a familiar Biblical theme by …

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