Steven Gray

Steven Gray is a Washington Correspondent for TIME and the magazine's former Detroit bureau chief. Previously, he contributed to Fortune magazine and worked as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. He was born in New Orleans and graduated from Howard University.

Articles from Contributor

Obama at La Raza: Can the President Re-energize Latino Voters?

In 2008, Barack Obama captured more than two-thirds of the Latino vote, largely on the promise that he would make immigration reform a first-term priority. Even the President acknowledges that promise has gone largely unfulfilled, and as a result his popularity is plunging among Latinos. Can President Obama reenergize a diverse …

Herman Cain and the “Credible” Candidates

In the Des Moines Register’s poll released Saturday surveying Iowa Republicans’ preferences for their party’s presidential nomination, former Godfather’s pizza CEO Herman Cain came in third behind Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. If you’ve been following media odds-making, that ranking may surprise you. But it’s only the …

Why Obama’s Texas Trip Matters

For the fourth time in recent weeks, President Obama made a public dive into the national debate over immigration reform with a major policy address on Tuesday near the U.S. southern border in El Paso, Texas. White House aides …

Washington’s Recession-Proof Industry

Here’s one sector that hasn’t suffered in the recession: Washington lobbyists.

Since 2000, the financial services industry’s spending on federal lobbying rose 102%, to $472.9 million last year, according to an analysis by the …

A Food Fight In the Budget Debate

One of the most overlooked rifts in Washington’s budget debate is the escalating food fight. In the last two years, the U.S. has endured everything from salmonella-contaminated tomatoes to Chinese milk laced with melamine, a potentially lethal ingredient used to make plastic. House Republicans, in their sweep to enact billions in cuts to …

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