Herman Cain

Eight Votes in Iowa: Where the Race Goes from Here

When the bean counters finished tabulating the results from the 1,774 precincts that decide the Iowa caucuses, eight votes separated the victor, Mitt Romney (30,015) from the runner-up, Rick Santorum (30,007). Marvel at that for …

Herman Cain’s Clintonesque Strategy

Imagine this: A charismatic southern man is running for President, enjoying a surprising degree of success, when all of a sudden, women start coming out of the woodwork accusing him of sexual indiscretions. This candidate denies these accusations and his campaign begins to attack the women making them. Sound familiar? It’s Bill Clinton circa 1992.

For Black Conservatism, the Right Time and the Wrong Candidate

Herman Cain’s improbable rise to the top of Republican presidential primary polls — and the prospect that two black men, including an incumbent, could compete head-on for the White House next year — should be proof that American politics has moved beyond race. Instead, Cain’s candidacy has been marred by empty self-promotion, …

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