Rick Perry

Scary Perry Isn’t a Winning Strategy

As a child in Paint Creek, Texas, Rick Perry was not great at clod fights, the rural Texas version of snowball fights that involve throwing clumps of dirt at one another. “He couldn’t hit the side of a barn,” his fellow Boy Scout Riley Couch told the San Antonio Express-News in 2001. But, “Tricky Ricky,” as he was often called in …

Even the Aggie Faithful Buck Perry on Immigration

Texas Aggies are famous for their loyalty and their adherence to tradition. The sight of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band marching to martial airs swells the chest of any A&M alumnus, but that does’t mean they all walk in lockstep …

Understanding Perry’s Hunting Camp Controversy

The report that Rick Perry’s family leased a hunting property named “Niggerhead” illustrates two noteworthy dynamics of the Texan’s candidacy. One is simply that entering a presidential race as late as Perry did causes every pockmark to be magnified by an eager press corps and judged harshly by an impressionable public just getting to …

Three Myths About Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s whirlwind arrival on the presidential stage has made him a Texas-sized character in Americans’ political imaginations. But some early black-and-white images of Perry’s life and politics don’t quite square with the …

Friends With Benefits: Rick Perry’s Biggest Donors

The most important insight into the state of the Republican presidential race won’t come from the continuing series of GOP debates, but from fund raising figures that will be released at the end of September. All the candidates want to show they can build up cash by the Sept. 30 third-quarter disclosure deadline, especially the …

On Social Security, Perry’s Not Suicidal

Plenty of people, not least the ones affiliated with the  Romney campaign, are insisting that Rick Perry rendered himself all but unelectable last night by repeating his harsh view of Social Security, which he called a “Ponzi scheme” and “a monstrous lie” to young Americans. I’m not so sure.

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