Rick Perry

Eight Votes in Iowa: Where the Race Goes from Here

When the bean counters finished tabulating the results from the 1,774 precincts that decide the Iowa caucuses, eight votes separated the victor, Mitt Romney (30,015) from the runner-up, Rick Santorum (30,007). Marvel at that for …

More Mr. Nice Guy: Perry Struggles to Maintain a Positive Message

A lot of comparisons have been drawn between George W. Bush and Rick Perry. Critics have said both Texas governors weren’t smart enough to be President and relied too heavily on a circle of smart advisers. But in Texas, pols say those criticisms are too simplistic and there are significant differences between the two, the first being …

Where Rick Perry’s Campaign Went Wrong

Austin, Texas

Rick Perry’s campaign is in a bunker. On the first floor of 804 Congress St. in Austin, a 1970s building with a redbrick front, 45 people are trying to figure out how to get Perry elected President. There are …

Perry Gets Back to Basics: Jobs

With a new campaign team in place, Rick Perry is up on the Iowa airwaves with his first campaign ad. It’s not a very expensive buy–only $175,000, or enough for several days of air time–but the spot is a reminder of what had conservatives so giddy about the Texas Governor this summer, before his candidacy clanged off the rim like a …

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