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Primary Round-Up: A Tea Party Triumph (Or Two) Is a Win For Dems

Updated, 7:25 a.m.

Tea Party activists on Tuesday punctuated a primary season with no shortage of surprises by delivering their sharpest blow yet to the Republican establishment. In the race for the party’s Senate nomination in Delaware—one of seven states (plus the nation’s capital) where voters headed to the polls in the last …

Byrd in State

Photo credit: Stephen Crowley/pool

Senator Robert Byrd’s flag draped casket is lying in state for most of the day on the Senate floor — note his black draped desk with white flowers on it. Much of Congress, the President and the Vice President will head tomorrow morning to West Virginia for a memorial service on the steps of the …

Morning Must Reads: McChrystal

Official White House Photo

–You can read Rolling Stone‘s full piece on Stanley McChrystal here. The general and his inner circle were something beyond cavalier and insulted a lot of people, but probably the most troubling aspect to the White House is that the commander of American forces in Afghanistan brazenly impugned the …

Specter Exits Stage Left

Arlen Specter has survived a lot of things: a brain tumor, two bouts with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and five squeaker elections for the U.S. Senate. But in an anti-establishment year where the far right hates the moderates and the far left hates the moderates, Specter – whose voting record over the past 30 years is almost perfectly down the …

President Obama Signs And Celebrates His Partisan Victory

As President Obama noted after arriving in the East Room Tuesday morning, spring has arrived in Washington. The signs of life inside the White House were everywhere, in the whoops and hollers of Democratic members of Congress, the broad smiles, the “Fired up, ready to go” chants, the constant hugging.

The partisan crowd from the House …

Morning Must Reads: Lock and Load

Ben Nelson's Office

Photo courtesy of Ben Nelson’s office

–After so many months of vitriolic debate and soap-operatic drama, one might be skeptical when they hear this is the week health reform faces its ultimate test. But it is. House markup of the reconciliation package is scheduled to begin at 3 pm today. The final CBO score is forthcoming. The …

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