Barack Obama vs. ‘Folks’ (a.k.a. Mitt Romney)

Barack Obama never mentioned Mitt Romney when he spoke at the United Auto Workers Convention on Tuesday. But when Obama said “folks,” he meant Romney. When Obama said “these politicians,” he meant Romney. And when Obama said “some politicians,” he meant Romney.

A Draw in Michigan Won’t Solve Romney’s Problems

In baseball, a tie goes to the runner. But in presidential primaries, a tie goes against the front runner.

In a matter of hours, America will discover if Mitt Romney can pull out a squeaker in his native state of Michigan. As of this morning, Nate Silver, the whiz-kid of poll-based projections, pegs the state too close to call, with a …

Rick Santorum’s Unlucky Timing

The morning after his three-state sweep of Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, Rick Santorum is finally getting a bit of credit. But for a guy who’s now won more nominating contests than any other Republican presidential candidate (if you charitably count Missouri’s meaningless pageant), Santorum stands to reap few rewards for his efforts. …

Was Tuesday Night Really So Terrible for Mitt Romney?

I’m wondering if Tuesday night’s results in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri really were so atrocious for Mitt Romney. As Alex Altman noted last night, there’s one obvious upside: Rick Santorum’s big night complicates the anti-Mitt movement, ensuring that conservative opposition to Romney remains divided. Tuesday night’s results might …

What Will Mitt Romney Talk About if the Economy Gets Better?

For the better part of two years, Mitt Romney has been relentless. “Four years ago, candidate Obama came to Nevada, promising to help,” he said in his victory speech after the Nevada caucuses on Saturday night. “Today, Nevada unemployment is over 12%, home values have plummeted, and Nevada’s foreclosure rate is the highest in the nation …

Romney Rolls in Nevada

Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses by a wide margin on Saturday night, quickening the front runner’s pace toward the Republican presidential nomination. The victory, his second blowout in a week, set the tone for the quiet month …

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