The Weird Resonance of #Mintthecoin

Here is a thought exercise. It’s 3013. You’re a historian, and you want to teach your students about the temporary dementia that gripped the political-media complex a millennium ago. I submit that you could do worse than to give …

The Debt Debacle Explained

The new print issue of TIME (available to subscribers) tries to make sense of the debt-limit mayhem that just consumed Washington. In it, I have a piece taking stock of the Tea Party’s amazing ability to commandeer the debt debate. What interested me most is how the Tea Party succeeded through playing by its own set of rules. Daniel …

Don’t Be Distracted: The Top Four Red Herrings of the Debt Debate

The day-to-day of Washington political debate is often little more than misdirection. All sides craft messages aimed at attracting the sympathies of select groups of voters, even if the soundbites have little or nothing to do with what is actually happening. These red herrings make headlines, but they poorly reflect policy or political …

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