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An Update on the Senate Health Reform Debate

The Senate health reform bill is in a procedural holding pattern right now. Even though the body will be in session over the weekend, Majority Leader Harry Reid has put off votes on the bill while he waits for the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate a new Democratic proposal that could strip the public option out of the bill. In my

A “Public Option Compromise” That’s Not?

If the weekend is any guide, the Senate health reform bill is not likely to undergo much tweaking. Between Friday and Sunday, despite hours of debate on the Senate floor, the only amendments that passed were those from Democrats simply reiterating things the bill already calls for. One sponsored by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was a “sense …

Obama’s “Pep Talk”

President Barack Obama journeyed to Capitol Hill for a rare Sunday visit as the Senate pushed through the weekend on health care reform. The president spent more than 40 minutes rallying the Senate Democratic caucus, underlining to them the importance of passing a bill not only to the economy, but to the 2010 elections and “the …

Baucus’s Legal Affairs

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus found himself the center of a scrum of reporters Saturday as the Senate worked through the weekend on health care reform, though not for the usual reasons. The topics did not include the public option, abortion, health care affordability or his hearings on global warming legislation but, …

What is Happening to the Reform in Health Reform?

That’s the subject of my story in the newest issue of dead-tree TIME, which looks at some of the ways that Congress is already undercutting many of the promised reforms in the health care system. As is often the case when politicians and interest groups get hold of a big and complicated piece of legislation, you have to look deep into …

UPDATE: A Toothless Task Force? Hardly.

UPDATE: Since publishing this post about the US Preventive Services Task Force around 2 p.m., I have been told by the White House that my interpretation of the Senate legislative language is off. This was, incidentally, the interpretation of several non-partisan policy experts I spoke to as well, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is …


For months few have mentioned it. But as the public option withers on the Senate vine, progressive groups are beginning to push Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to use reconciliation rather than pass a health care reform bill without a public option in it. I’ve heard a few whispers on the Hill that this is still an option, but for the …

Health Reform: 59 and counting… 60 Votes To Proceed To Debate

2:30 EST: They’ve got 60. Lincoln says she will vote to proceed. See update below

With Senator Mary Landrieu’s announcement this afternoon on the Senate floor that she will support the motion to proceed to debate on the health care bill–with the caveat that this does not guarantee her support for the final product–Majority Leader …

The Senate Bill

I’m still wading through the Congressional Budget Office’s preliminary analysis of the health care bill that Majority Leader Harry Reid will be taking to the Senate floor, but here’s a Power Point circulating among Senate Democratic staffers that gives you a
basic tour of the bill, with some comparisons to other versions.


Early Word on the Senate Health Care Bill

A number of outlets are reporting that the bill that Harry Reid will take to the Senate floor has gotten a pretty favorable “score” from the Congressional Budget Office. I’ll be writing more as I get details, but here’s the email I got from one Democratic source:

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