Newt Gingrich

Mitt Romney Wins Florida Primary in a Rout

By the end, it had become a matter of margins. Would Mitt Romney defeat Newt Gingrich in Florida’s Republican primary? Or would Romney obliterate his opponent, reestablishing himself as the race’s undisputed frontrunner? It …

For Mitt Romney in Florida, It’s All About Character (Attacks)

Pompano Beach, Florida

A political riddle presents itself on the trail with Mitt Romney: Can a true man of character constantly attack the character of another man?

From the first introductions on Sunday, character was presented as the defining, most winning attribute of the former governor: Romney was touted as the candidate whose …

Fly Newt to the Moon

The emergence of a debate about colonizing the moon might be the goofiest-sounding idea in Republican primaries since Herman Cain proposed an electrified fence along the southern border. The difference is that returning to the moon is an idea that reasonable people take seriously.

Armageddon for Newt

One of the wonderful things about our bloated, endless, tedious, miraculous presidential campaigns is that sooner or later you find out just exactly who these pretenders are. Thursday night in Jacksonville, after 18 debates in which his bluster camouflaged a myriad of flaws, Newt Gingrich’s deficits–the sloppiness, the hyperbole, the …

On Crazy People, the Cayman Islands and Why Democrats Are Taking Notes

The heavyweight tussle in Florida is quickly devolving into a very expensive slap fight. On one side is Mitt Romney, whose aides, having spent days tagging Newt Gingrich with labels like “erratic” and unreliable,” are now upping the ante by recasting Gingrich as a full-on crazy person. “UNHINGED!” read a Romney press release Thursday …

Gingrich and Romney Compete in the Bully Primary

A few weeks back, two Republican caucus-goers in different Iowa cities told me basically the same thing. One called Newt Gingrich “a bully.” The other called him “a little tiger.” In both cases, the comments were compliments. Like most Republicans, they liked Gingrich when he acted like an ornery pugilist. But at the time, their comments

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