Kayla Webley

Kayla Webley is a staff writer at TIME, which she joined as a writer-reporter in 2010. She covers education for the magazine and for Time.com and also writes about social issues such as religion and social networking. She graduated from the University of Washington and the Medill Graduate School of Journalism at Northwestern University and interned at TIME Asia's headquarters in Hong Kong in 2009.

Articles from Contributor

Rick Santorum’s Misconceptions on Public Education

For much of the past two weeks, as Rick Santorum’s candidacy star power has increased, so too have his critiques of public education. At recent campaign events and in last Thursday’s debate, he called American public schools “big factories” left over from the Industrial Revolution and argued for decreasing federal and state roles in …

The Problem With Paying Teachers Less

It’s not often that you hear teachers should be paid less. In fact, it’s almost always the exact opposite. From teachers unions to education reformers to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the refrain that teachers are underpaid …