Re: Disgusting

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The humorless but dedicated folks at Media Matters have been on this scurrilous Obama-the-Bomber story for days, but I’m sad to say that this is one instance in which they seem quite right about the truth still getting its boots on while the lie does the herky-jerky during the credits of “24.”

What’s especially brilliant about this smear is that it’s a two-fer: Insight
originally claimed that the “intel” on Obama’s secret jihadi past came from Hillary. So for every true neanderthal who believes the madrassa slam, there will be a slightly more evolved humanoid who gets that it’s a smear but who has a bad taste in his mouth over the underhanded tactics Hillary supposedly used.

I think Hillary is especially susceptible to this sort of dirty double cross: n.b. Last October, she apologized to John McCain for an insult reprinted in Maureen Dowd’s column as coming from a Hillary “adviser.” (Who must have been working way off the reservation.) Part of the stereotype HRC has to buck is that she’ll do anything to win. (Though some are trying to rehabilitate that into a plus.) A really smart GOP operative can put out the most outrageous dirt about a Dem challenger (or even a Republican one) and even if no one believes the dirt, having Hillary’s fingerprints on it is credible. It doesn’t help that Hillary’s people are pretty ruthless — they’re just also basically, you know, honorable.