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TMPCafe introduced the “DoddPod” as though it were part of some off-beat Presidential rollout for the eh-tier 08 candidate: supporters program the Senator’s iPod, suggest podcasts, and even upload their own MP3’s. I profess a sneaking admiration for “interactive” gambits which require little to no actual input from the person in power; it’s a listening tour with a fast-forward button and without the rubber chicken!

But it turns out the DoddPod has been around for some time, and it’s unclear who, really, is selecting the playlist, which is heavy on Bobby Darin and Carly Simon and light on anything recorded after 1970 or so. My favorite weekly set so far is this one, which stands out for its relative modernity and, uh, diversity:

Uptight (Everything’s Alright) [Single Version] — Stevie Wonder

Let’s Fall in Love — Diana Krall

Jaded — Aerosmith

More — Bobby Darin

Relax — Frankie Goes To Hollywood

If Tomorrow Never Comes — Garth Brooks

I Won’t Back Down — Johnny Cash

They’re all potential campaign slogans, I suppose….

— Ana Marie Cox