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Least Qualified?

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline argues that Barack Obama is the candidate with the scantiest credentials to be President in (recent) American history.
To which I can only ask, What about George W. Bush?
Yes, Bush had been governor of Texas–a relatively powerless role, after a career of nepotistic business failures–but he came to the White …

Hello? Hel-lo? Hell-oooooo? HELLLLOOO?

Guess I’m not the only one who sleeps late around here.

Who’s gonna come with me to the big Hillary presser? Huh? Anyone?

P.S. The title of this post refers to the cliche of mostly 1940s-50s noir films in which the heroine/femme fatale at some point picks up a phone to call for help/alert her lover and is faced with a dead line (it …

Why Generation

I’m pleased that Joe has officially given up the Boomer’s claim on Obama. Can we now also have back civil rights, feminism, Bob Dylan, and the “good” years of Saturday Night Live?

You can keep John Kerry.

Not completely unrelated, and speaking to Jay’s point about the apparent arbitrariness of generational markers: Has anyone else …

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Re: Which Generation?

I wonder if Obama is destined to be plagued by the nuanced difference between transcending issues…and fudging them. Even his generation. As a Baby Boomer, I hereby relinquish all rights to the guy–and I suspect, given his entirely apt comments about being sick of the “dorm room arguments of the sixties,” he doesn’t see himself as a …

Which Generation?

Joe notes below, and has said in the past, that Obama represents the post-Baby Boomer generation in American politics. Hold on a minute! Obama was born on August 4, 1961. There is no official end date for the Baby Boom generation, but some still argue that it encompasses those born from 1946-1963. Others say the final year is 1960, or …

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Hillary and Obama…and Don’t Forget John

Ana, I think Hillary has renounced her support for the war as often as Joe Biden has announced that he’s running for President…She’s also renounced the surgescalation. The question is, what now? Is she for John Edwards’ immediate 50,000 troop reduction? Is she for an Iraq Study Groupish gradual drawdown? The latter, I’d guess. But I …

Re: He’s In (sort of)

No question Obama is in. He leaves not a hint of a doubt in his virtual announcement. (See text and video here). My first impression is that he’s smart to do it this way rather than, as Ana and I had suggested, on Oprah or some other contrived venue. And it’s wise to make the formal announcement in Illinois. Obama may transcend a lot of …

All the Air in the Room

Surprising no one: Hillary’s presser today — thought by some to be a prelude to renouncing her support for the invasion of Iraq — has been canceled, presumably to avoid a news cycle show-down between the long-reigning frontrunner and a certain junior senator from Illinois.

UPDATE: Staffers have put the word out that the press …

He’s in (sort of)

This just in:

U.S. Senator Barack Obama today filed papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing the “Obama Exploratory Committee.” A formal announcement of his decision will occur on February 10th in Illinois.

What the professional political class will be watching:

One thing …

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