Tony Karon

Tony Karon is a senior editor at TIME, where he has covered international conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans since 1997. A native of South Africa, he now resides with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

Articles from Contributor

Netanyahu Signals Determination on Iran, But War Will Have to Wait

Had he been speaking Hebrew in a dramatic TV broadcast back home, parts of Benjamin Netanyahu’s fire-and-brimstone speech Tuesday night might have been mistaken for the words of an Israeli prime minister about to launch a fateful war. He painted Iran’s nuclear program as an apocalyptic extermination threat redolent of the Nazi …

Obama’s 10 Biggest Foreign Policy Challenges for 2012

The foreign policy crisis horizon shows little respect for the calendar New Year: The Obama Administration ought to have a good idea of the crises that await it in different global hotspots as it braces for an election year. But a recurring theme in the current menu of challenges, whether in the Middle East, north or south Asia, Africa …