The Private Sector Isn’t Fine Enough

President obama didn’t mis-speak when he said that “the private sector is doing fine.” It was a perfectly serviceable–fine, one might say–expression of a central point of his instantly notorious White House press …

Regression to the Very Mean

Andrew Sullivan nails the loathsome John Podhoretz, who tweets against the Obamacare provision that allows children up to the age of 26 to be covered by their parents’ health insurance.

Presumably Pod doesn’t have children of that age who are caught in entry-level jobs, or temp work, or internships that don’t come with health …

Gas Prices and the Big GOP Lie

To hear the Republican presidential candidates tell it, President Obama is doing all he can — shy of changing the price signs at your local Mobil station — to raise the cost of gasoline. Last week Mitt Romney told Fox News that Obama “has done everything in his power to make it harder for us to get oil and natural gas in this …

Por Que Ningun Partido Habla Nuestro Lenguaje

In the latest issue of TIME, author and award-winning Univision anchor Jorge Ramos wrote a column, ‘Why neither party is speaking our language,’ on the political isolation of Latino American voters in 2012. His piece, along with

What Is a Conservative?

Mitt Romney’s advance toward the Republican nomination has provoked a lively conversation about what it means to be a conservative in America today. TIME asked a number of right-leaning thinkers to answer one of three questions to help define both their ideology and their challenges for the future.

Likudnik Paranoia

Uh-oh, there’s another wave of attacks–both here and in Israel–on those of us who support Israel, but not in the mindless, aggressive way that neoconservatives do and not at the expense of America’s national interests. Over there, Bibi Netanyahu has proclaimed the New York Times and Haaretz the “biggest” enemies of Israel. Over here, …

Rep. Sensenbrenner Says Michelle Obama Has a ‘Big Butt.’ Really!!?

When a 17-term Republican congressman and former chair of the House Judiciary Committee says the First Lady has a “big butt,” there’s only one way to respond. So with apologies to Seth Myers (and Amy Poehler)…

Really, Jim Sensenbrenner? Really?! While speaking to a constituent–and one who has just expressed her admiration for …

Our Pakistani Allies

Jonesboro, Arkansas

I’ve got to take a break from road trip posting–there’ll be more tomorrow morning–to say: Finally! And Hoorah. Finally, the U.S. is acknowledging what some of us have been reporting for years: the Haqqani Taliban network is an asset of the Pakistani military. This means we’ve been played for suckers for the past …

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