Let’s Just Say It: Obama Is Favored on Election Day

A strange thing is happening as Election Day draws near. In normal times, we struggle to stay afloat in the sea of political opinions. Now the punditry has been afflicted with an epidemic of agnosticism. After living and breathing this race for 18 months, they say they have no idea who will win.

Obama Should Stop Defending Big (Bird) Government

Yes, I know, just 0.014% of the federal budget goes to PBS. Yes, I know, it’s absurd to hear Mitt Romney imply that he can fix the deficit by squeezing Big Bird. But the Obama campaign’s post-debate pivot to Mr. Snuffleupagus’s feathery friend is just as absurd. Yes, I know, Americans like Big Bird, but they’re not so wild about …

Lessons of 9/11: A Response to Evil

It is a perfectly beautiful morning in New York, just as it was 11 years ago today. By the end of that day, the world, as I knew it, had changed. In the small suburb where I lived, nine fathers didn’t come home that night. Our …

Paul Ryan Is a Brave Deficit Hawk, if You Ignore His Record and His Policies

I should probably just shut up about Paul Ryan, because I believe there’s a federal statute requiring pundits to marvel at his “seriousness” and “courage.” I think there’s also a constitutional mandate enshrining him as a “deficit hawk,” even though he voted for the Bush tax cuts, the Bush military and security spending binge, the …

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