Morning Must Reads: Conflation


–Our colleague Bobby Ghosh explores Islamophobia in America for this week’s newsstand edition of TIME. A taste:

But to be a Muslim in America now is to endure slings and arrows against your faith — not just in the schoolyard and the office but also outside your place of worship and in the public

Iran’s Iraq?

I’m just catching up with some important news out of Iraq: the two exclusively Shi’ite political parties seem destined to form a government, joined by the Kurds, leaving Ayad Allawi’s secular-Sunni coalition–which received the most votes–out in the cold.

This is potentially dangerous in several different ways:

What’s in a Debate?

An excellent primer lies below from TIME’s London bureau chief, Catherine Mayer, of what to expect from Thursday night’s second ever debate of British prime ministerial candidates. The first debate catapulted Nick Clegg into newfound stardom — he’s even overtaken or tied Prime Minister Gordon Brown in some polls — so it’ll be

Morning Must Reads: TGIF

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–So health care is done for now. Congress is running off on recess and President Obama is headed to Camp David for the weekend. Everyone could probably use a rest.

–Majority Leader Reid, caught up in the moment, accidentally voted “no” on health care (again) yesterday before …

Jack Murtha, 77, Dies

Pennsylvania Rep. John C. Murtha, died today of complications relating to a gallbladder surgery. He was 77.

A decorated Vietnam War hero, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi credited Murtha — who was her first choice for majority leader — with helping to turn public opinion against the war in Iraq after he announced his opposition to the war …

Debating Afghanistan

If you haven’t already noticed on CSPAN2, the Senate has begun debate on the FY2010 Defense Appropriations bill. Typically, defense is the last of the 13 spending bills to be passed because it’s a must pass – ie, you can’t not update military funding in a time of war – and it often becomes a Christmas tree for all the pork that …

The Afghanistan Paradox

This war has come to be inexorably linked to this President. He likes to say that he’s “taking the fight” to the terrorists because it’s “fundamental to the defense of our people.” His strong supporters include Karl Rove, John McCain and Sarah Palin. In Congress, Democratic leaders grate at the idea of granting him more …

Re: Today’s McCain-Obama Tiff

Following up on Joe’s post.
In a brief interview with the New York Times yesterday Obama said he’s considering a trip to Iraq when he secures the nomination. This seemed to bow to GOP pressure after the RNC started a clock on its website counting the days Obama hasn’t been to Iraq (872) and McCain lambasted Obama for not accepting …

The Question of the Century

Obama this morning addressed the Communications Workers of America’s annual conference in Washington. He gave his usual spiel to unions highlighting his opposition to the war in Iraq, his credentials to take on lobbyists and his days as a community organizer in Chicago. The 600,000-member CWA has yet to endorse a candidate and Hillary …

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