John Boehner

The New Republican Rules

After the ceremonies and standing ovations died down, the new Republican House majority did get around to some crucial business today. By a straight party-line vote, the House approved a new rules package for the 112th Congress, 240-191.

Republicans say passing the new package–a right granted by the Constitution–will foster openness …

The Dawn of the House of Boehner

John Boehner stood before the packed House chamber; its members and their families were giving him a standing ovation. He took out a handkerchief and wiped the tears from his eyes – he always hated about himself that he’s prone to crying at important moments – and waved his audience to their seats. “I’m still just me,” he …

John Boehner Elected Speaker

The House just completed its vote, electing John Boehner the 61st Speaker of the House 241-192.

The most interesting part of the vote were the defections from Nancy Pelosi, who garnered 173 votes:

-11 Democrats voted for Heath Shuler, a North Carolina Democrat and former Washington Redskin who had said he would challenge Pelosi in …

Day 1: 112th Congress

The opening ceremonies have begun. The House is just finishing up the first vote of its 112th adjournment, a quorum call to ensure everyone’s present. The Capitol is brimming to full. Members lead families and friends on tours. Red coated docents are practically swallowed by the crowds under the dome. The Cannon rotunda is packed all the …

Bi-Monthly Slurpees

The day after the election, President Obama announced that he and congressional leaders would sit down and hash things out on Nov. 18th. If you listen to Republicans on the Hill, that was a premature announcement: they’d liked to have been consulted first before picking a date. If you ask Democrats, that’s poppycock: Obama moved his …

Scene: The GOP’s Non-Party Victory Party

Heading into the elections, John Boehner didn’t want to have a victory party. “This is not a time for celebration. Not when one in 10 of our fellow citizens are out of work. Not when we have buried our children under a mountain of debt. Not when our Congress is held in such low esteem,” he told the crowd tonight. “We can …

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