Armageddon for Newt

One of the wonderful things about our bloated, endless, tedious, miraculous presidential campaigns is that sooner or later you find out just exactly who these pretenders are. Thursday night in Jacksonville, after 18 debates in which his bluster camouflaged a myriad of flaws, Newt Gingrich’s deficits–the sloppiness, the hyperbole, the …

Newt’s FullaBluster

Charleston, South Carolina

Debates, like life, just ain’t fair. Newt Gingrich “won” the debate last night with an opening 5-minute tirade against CNN’s John King, ABC News and the liberal media who–I love this part–“protect Barack Obama by attacking Republicans.” King’s crime was to raise the accusations that Newt’s ex-wife …

Romney Unscathed in Twin New Hampshire Debates

Well, Mitt Romney won the weekend and, most likely, the Republican nomination. No one really laid a glove on him, not even in the NBC debate on Sunday morning, which was far sharper and more substantive than the ABC debate last …

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