Watch: Delegate of the Day

Today, TIME’s video team introduces you to Kip Kempton, an Arizonan who thinks the Romney-Ryan ticket will save him from having to lay off employees at his car dealership:

You can view our other highlighted delegates here and here.

Shame on You, John McCain

Listening to John McCain on Wednesday night, you had to wonder if Sheldon Adelson had been giving him some kind of break at the craps tables. His speech was a noxious compendium of the usual neocon blather. He rehearsed the …

The Art of Political Stagecraft

TIME examines an array of stages at conventions from 1868 to present, where evolutions in technology, fashion and architecture have all played a role in how a candidate is portrayed.

More photo galleries from the DNC and RNC:

Watch: The Latest from Tampa

TIME’s video team brings you two Wednesday features: First, A short highlight of last night’s speeches and preview of what the politicos will be slavering over this evening:

The RNC’s Diversity Pageant


Mia Love is not a household name. But ask any savvy Republican here, and they’ll tell you the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, is one of the party’s political phenoms. Love, 37, is a congressional candidate for Utah’s 4th district. More importantly, she’s a black Mormon with sterling Tea Party credentials. This is the sort of …

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