Campaign Events

Iowa’s Straw Poll Madness

Item updated below with Pawlenty campaign response

GOP primary reporters and junkies should read Walter Shapiro’s latest New Republic story (subscription required) on the absurd overhyping of Iowa’s quadrennial Republican primary straw poll, whose 2012 edition will be held in Ames on August 13. In Shapiro’s persuasive telling, the …

Reporter Accosted After Bachmann Comments on Migraines

It’s not easy to get to Michele Bachmann. Her appearance at a rally on Tuesday in Aiken, S.C., attended by perhaps 150 people, featured three uniformed police officers and two plainclothes bodyguards. One of those guards spent much of the day preventing reporters from getting too close to the candidate. After her speech, as she greeted …

The Huntsman Road Show Opens for Business

JERSEY CITY, N.J., AND EXETER, N.H. — On his first day as a presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman wandered toward the back of his charter jet to meet the press. Reporters crammed into the aisles, hoisting their cameras and …

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