Kate Pickert

Kate Pickert is a staff writer for TIME. She writes about health care and previously worked for New York magazine. She is a graduate of the University at Buffalo and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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And…..They’re Back

When Republican Sen. Tom Coburn forced the the reading of a 767-page single-payer amendment from Bernie Sanders – a task estimated to take 8-12 hours – it looked like most of us could pack it in for the day. But after nearly three hours of reading, Sanders found a way to stop the madness. He withdrew his amendment and is now giving a …

767 Pages of Single Payer

Heeeeeeeere we go. Right now in the Senate chamber, GOP delay tactics on the Democratic health care reform bill are in full swing. The Senate clerk is reading out aloud the text of an amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders that would insert a single-payer system into the health care bill. The process of verbally entering amendments into the …

Amidst the Lieberman Drama, Some Wrangling Over Drug Prices

Tonight the Senate began voting on amendments to the health care bill for the first time in days. Near the top of the agenda: an amendment from Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan that would have allowed U.S. pharmacies and drug wholesalers to “reimport” drugs from foreign countries. It was was voted down 51-48. (Amendments need 60 votes to …

Howard Dean Votes for Reconciliation

OK, so Howard Dean doesn’t have an actual vote, but his contention that Democrats should kill the public option-less Senate bill and instead push pieces of health care reform through via reconciliation is still significant. Greg Sargent at the The Plum Line got early word of a public radio interview with Dean scheduled to air in a few …

An Update on the Senate Health Reform Debate

The Senate health reform bill is in a procedural holding pattern right now. Even though the body will be in session over the weekend, Majority Leader Harry Reid has put off votes on the bill while he waits for the Congressional Budget Office to evaluate a new Democratic proposal that could strip the public option out of the bill. In my

A “Public Option Compromise” That’s Not?

If the weekend is any guide, the Senate health reform bill is not likely to undergo much tweaking. Between Friday and Sunday, despite hours of debate on the Senate floor, the only amendments that passed were those from Democrats simply reiterating things the bill already calls for. One sponsored by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was a “sense …

UPDATE: A Toothless Task Force? Hardly.

UPDATE: Since publishing this post about the US Preventive Services Task Force around 2 p.m., I have been told by the White House that my interpretation of the Senate legislative language is off. This was, incidentally, the interpretation of several non-partisan policy experts I spoke to as well, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is …

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