And…..They’re Back

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When Republican Sen. Tom Coburn forced the the reading of a 767-page single-payer amendment from Bernie Sanders – a task estimated to take 8-12 hours – it looked like most of us could pack it in for the day. But after nearly three hours of reading, Sanders found a way to stop the madness. He withdrew his amendment and is now giving a speech on the Senate floor defending the concept of single payer. “It is wrong to bring the United States government to a halt,” said Sanders. “But I’m absolutely convinced that that legislation or legislation like it will eventually become the law of the land…That day will come.” It’s possible this is true. Anything’s possible. But not today.

Sanders is one of the liberal senators Majority Leader Harry Reid must lobby in order to round up the 60 votes he needs to pass a Senate health care bill without a public option. Sanders tells Politico, “I’m not on board yet.”