Alex Altman

Alex Altman is a Washington correspondent for TIME.

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A Skirmish on the Eastern Shore

In this week’s edition of the magazine, I have a short piece about how some residents of a tiny rural community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore are opposing plans to build a State Department facility that would offer the area hundreds of new jobs. You can read it here.

Dan Quayle’s Advice for the GOP

Embrace the Tea Party. “These are our folks — the natural allies of the party of Reagan,” writes the former VP. Invoking the Perot effect on the 1992 presidential election, Quayle argues in the Washington Post that a failure to vie for the movement’s votes could tip the scales toward the Democrats.

As Reagan did 30 years ago,

Van Hollen’s Response to Cantor

Doug Thornell, spokesman for Rep. Chris Van Hollen, responds to Rep. Eric Cantor’s statement earlier today, which criticized Van Hollen for politicizing threats made against members of Congress:

“Yesterday, Congressman Van Hollen called upon Republican leaders to condemn the harsh rhetoric that is fanning the flames of extremism

The GOP Response to the Intimidation Campaign Against Democrats

In a press conference Thursday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the spate of threats Democrats have faced over the past few days. Pressed by reporters on whether Republican lawmakers had incited some of those threats, Pelosi offered a measured response. “Words have power. They weigh a ton,” she said. But she also …

More Right-Wing Backlash

As Joe noted earlier, reports of ugly incidents in the wake of the health-care vote keep trickling in. As the Kansas City Star reports (h/t Ben Smith), Democratic Party headquarters in Wichita were vandalized over the weekend; assailants allegedly hurled a brick inscribed with anti-Obama rhetoric through a plate-glass window. A former …

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