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Alex Altman is a Washington correspondent for TIME.

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Public Service Announcement

To the commentariat: I know many of your posts are still getting trapped in moderation purgatory. We haven’t entered the censorship era on Swampland or hatched a plot to silence certain commenters. (Not even Karen, who our comment filter has apparently blacklisted as well.) It’s a technical glitch, and the High Sheriffs are working with …

The Brewer-Obama Faceoff

Our colleague Elizabeth Dias files this report:

Two days ago Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move Outside! at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas to fight childhood obesity. This afternoon Obama faced a different desert activism outside the White House as he met with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Arizona’s controversial immigration

BP Tries the “Cut-and-Cap” Method

The widely derided “junk shot” failed. The “top kill” approach was a flop. Enter the “cut-and-cap” method. Using giant shears, BP sliced off a riser from its still-gushing Gulf of Mexico oil well Thursday morning in an attempt to place a cap over the leak and siphon oil to tankers on the surface. During a briefing in Metairie, La., …

Dispatch from Kentucky

I have a piece up on Rand Paul’s victory party last night. For a candidate who framed himself as the crusading outsider, the shindig was a pretty genteel, insider-y affair, populated more by personal connections, campaign coordinators and influential backers than Tea Party folks. (There were none of the ubiquitous “Don’t Tread …

How to Kill a Jobs Bill

In a Rasmussen poll taken last month, just 11% of voters surveyed said they thought Congress was doing a good job. A March NBC/Wall Street Journal poll — held a few days before the health-care bill’s passage — found that 17% of voters supported the performance of the legislative branch. A full 50% of voters in that poll said they’d …

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