These Are the States that Dislike Obama the Most

Nationally, the president's approval ratings are in decline

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Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo

If President Barack Obama finds himself in need of more friends, he can forget about heading to Wyoming, the state where his approval rating is lower than anywhere in the country.

In fact, according to a new Gallup survey of 178,000 U.S. adults over the course of 2013, only in 11 states did Obama receive approval ratings above 50 percent last year. In Wyoming, only 22.5 percent approved of Obama, followed by West Virginia (25.1 percent), Utah (27.3 percent) and South Dakota (31.7 percent), with Idaho and Oklahoma tied for fifth place at 32.1 percent.

Fortunately for the president, he’s wildly popular in what’s now his hometown of Washington—among residents, at least, if not lawmakers. Residents of the heavily-Democratic District of Columbia gave the president an 80.8 percent approval rating, followed by his home state of Hawaii (61.3 percent), Maryland (57 percent), and Rhode Island and New York tied at 56.7 percent.

Nationally, Obama’s approval rating has been in decline of late. In 2013, he averaged a 46 percent national approval rating with Gallup but in so far in January 2014 just he has averaged just 41 percent approval.

The full list Obama’s approval in 2013 for all 50 states and the District of Columbia can be seen here.